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Stage 25: You’re happy.

I recently came out.

Not of a closet concerning my sexuality, but rather my mental health.

I still don’t know whether i can call it depression or classify it as full fledged anxiety. Or if it was a concoction of both of those highly complementing ingredients.Not only did they complement each other, but also were extremely compatible with my soul.

The first time i told someone was last year.But last year it wasn’t as powerful. Last year it was like an appetizer for the main course that was soon to upset my entire life and morals. Last year was a breeze comparatively because last year i had things to blame it on… but this year? This time? Nothing.

This time it was in my head, this time it was something i chose, this time it was far more real…

Because this time it made me stronger.

Just when i thought i was alone and had no-one left that i could trust or turn to, i remembered that there were people i had been taking for granted all along. My last chance at a plea for help- Family.

And Holy Hell did they help.

Never have i felt so supported before.Never have i felt so valued. Never have i been so happy.

Yes of course the panic attacks still hit me hard. Of course the sadness hasn’t disappeared but I don’t give up anymore. I fight.

Anxiety and Depression are monsters that feed off of self-pity, self-hatred and self-doubt. But when you choose to be indubitably grateful, compassionately loving and unrelentingly confident, you’re also choosing to be in control.

You’re making a conscious decision to be happy.

The easiest thing to do when you’ve dug a hole so deep is to keep digging. The further you dig the harder it is to get out.It’s always harder to get out.But you have to. You cant let your mind control you.

Don’t let these diseases make you an audience member of your very own life. You didn’t come here to watch. You were sent here to play.


 A special thanks to my brother, I love you.


Stage 23: The nicest compliment

‘You inspire me’

I heard these words the other day, and my innate response told me to inquire Why.

And then to invariably, of course, use humor (i don’t know how to appropriately accept compliments).Therefore i concluded that i should reply with ‘Wow your standards must be low’

But i ended up laughing it off and running out the door.



I sometimes think people befriend me just for the awkward things i do.

Toodle-o kangaroo.

Stage 22: Unspoken bonds (Part 2..)

Its repetitive isn’t it? The game of heartbreak

Yet we all still play. Participate with full enthusiasm, impetus and with no plan to learn from our mistakes. We all know the outcome, yet we are still hurt when it happens.

Even the strongest humans are susceptible to this disease. The disease that has taken a toll on countless, unsuspecting, innocent victims, and their lives. The implacable disease of Love.

A drug, an addiction,

Something that you can live without but forget how to live without.

The concept of the game? Oh its very simple. You either play or get played. Its very rare to find a friendly match where the two sides are not competing to destroy one another.

The end result? Complete obliteration of the defending team.

Why is this simple game with simple rules so hard though? The answer to that is well… simple.

When things are easy, we tend to use all that extra room to over-complicate stuff. Therefore everyone ends up playing a different game; employing their own strategies and bending the unspoken rules to their own liking.

Another weapon the brave soldiers (that enter this brutal war) are equipped with is the ‘blinker’ ( the blinders horses wear, to prevent them from being frightened by potential harm). However, when our brave soldier puts on this metaphorical blinker, he restricts himself to a view of only the potential harm.

And once this blinker is on.. BOOM.

Total Annihilation.

Stage 21: Unspoken bonds (part 1..)


What is trust?

It’s a band stretched to its elastic potential, which (if you paid attention in Physics) requires equal amounts of effort. This ‘effort’ requires the constant reassurance that the other person wont let you down.That they share the same understanding that you do and that they are ready for every term this agreement offers; the good and the bad.

A tub of Honesty, a  can of Wholeheartedness, a pinch of Compromise and a willing Sous chef

These promises all translate into unimpeachable relationships.

Well, in a perfect world they do

Just don’t let go of your end

Stage 11: Potatoes

A staple food around the world, Potatoes are possibly the most loved things on this planet.They complement everything and are enjoyed by every culture… So what makes these brown lumps resonate with pure contentment.What secrets do these dull vegetables hold besides loads and loads of carbs.

Whether you mash, bake, roast or fry them, potatoes come out of the situation tasting beautiful.Maybe we should learn a few things from them; No matter what they are dealt with, they make life their bitch.

Think back to your childhood… now think about dishes that remind you of it and i guarantee most of those meals will contain potatoes.They are the number 1 comfort food and are able to restore your faith when nothing else in life is going right;Like icecream and candy, only with much less chance of giving you diabetes.Who needs friends when you have potatoes?

‘Potatoes- stealing your girl since 5000 BC’

They give us chips, fries and vodka… heck do i need to say more? Potatoes make every other vegetable sound so basic.Look how motivating they are as well


But no in all seriousness, these vegetables provide so many people of all demographics with some good.From the very poor to the 1% , potatoes are relished by all.And if you don’t like potatoes please leave my blog and never come back.

Potatoes aren’t appreciated enough.They need to be recognised and put on a pedestal.We are ungrateful.The human race does not deserve potatoes.Potatoes are the best.

Wait wait wait… We have skin… and potatoes have skin… ARE WE POTATOES?

So i haven’t posted in a while and this is because i have literally nothing i want to write about.When i ask my friends for suggestions obviously everyone tells me to write about my heartbreak but no, I’m so done with that for now. I’m too tired and frustrated with other things to be bothered, even though writing about that is easy and the words come naturally, it is no challenge. 

But finally a friend dared me to write about potatoes.

Challenge accepted and destroyed.