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Sentence Stories

I am good at what I do

And I am so much better at Procrastination.


Stage 15: The Day Of Reckoning

Its time to wake up at 6 am instead of going to bed at 6 am. Its time for coffee to become avidly consumed by tea drinkers. Its time for shorts and dresses to be replaced by trousers and ties.Its time to regret being born. Its time for another year of slaving night and day under all mighty tyrants.Its time for the annual Flunker games :). Rejoice all you poor souls around the world. I command it.

Because this academic year we students will rise.

This academic year we will maintain a social life as well as Harvard worthy grades.

This academic year we will complete our work the day it is given, not the night before it is due.

This academic year we will not kill off a relative or give ourselves the flu for the millionth time, to miss class.

This academic year we will work hard and this academic year we will excel.




good luck this year and may the odds be ever in your favour x