Stage 12: The cloak of invinciblity

Have you ever wished to be unassailable? Have you ever wondered what unlimited power feels like?  Striving to be untouchable? Well now your fantasies can become reality through the cloak of invincibility or as it’s more commonly known – Blanket.

You’re on your bed.Its cold, you’re alone, and the bed monsters are out to get you.So what do you do? You reach out for this genius of a creation and allow it to care for you.It offers you protection AND keeps you warm and snug.What more do you need in an inanimate object?It cuddles and is an instant force-field, sheltering you from all things evil. Pretty neat isn’t it?

So grab a blanket, it is certainty in a volatile world


Stage 11: Potatoes

A staple food around the world, Potatoes are possibly the most loved things on this planet.They complement everything and are enjoyed by every culture… So what makes these brown lumps resonate with pure contentment.What secrets do these dull vegetables hold besides loads and loads of carbs.

Whether you mash, bake, roast or fry them, potatoes come out of the situation tasting beautiful.Maybe we should learn a few things from them; No matter what they are dealt with, they make life their bitch.

Think back to your childhood… now think about dishes that remind you of it and i guarantee most of those meals will contain potatoes.They are the number 1 comfort food and are able to restore your faith when nothing else in life is going right;Like icecream and candy, only with much less chance of giving you diabetes.Who needs friends when you have potatoes?

‘Potatoes- stealing your girl since 5000 BC’

They give us chips, fries and vodka… heck do i need to say more? Potatoes make every other vegetable sound so basic.Look how motivating they are as well


But no in all seriousness, these vegetables provide so many people of all demographics with some good.From the very poor to the 1% , potatoes are relished by all.And if you don’t like potatoes please leave my blog and never come back.

Potatoes aren’t appreciated enough.They need to be recognised and put on a pedestal.We are ungrateful.The human race does not deserve potatoes.Potatoes are the best.

Wait wait wait… We have skin… and potatoes have skin… ARE WE POTATOES?

So i haven’t posted in a while and this is because i have literally nothing i want to write about.When i ask my friends for suggestions obviously everyone tells me to write about my heartbreak but no, I’m so done with that for now. I’m too tired and frustrated with other things to be bothered, even though writing about that is easy and the words come naturally, it is no challenge. 

But finally a friend dared me to write about potatoes.

Challenge accepted and destroyed.

Stage 10: Move on

Stop.Stop doing that.Just stop.

Why are you making yourself pathetic?Why are you reducing yourself to that level when you’re capable of and ARE much more than that. You’re awesome and you know it. You’re choosing to let this have power over you and control your every move and feeling but stop that right now. Don’t give power to something that obviously brings you so much pain.Stop holding onto ex-animate hopes and dreams;they aren’t alive and full of vigor anymore as much as your misconception would love to believe.They are motionless and static so stop lying to yourself and spending so much of your time focused on something so defunct.

This is all a futile attempt to bring back something that is dead in a mortal world.

You are stronger than this, you are better than this and you can fight this addiction.I know you can.You don’t need this, you just want it.Its a piece of cake you cannot have so move on and bake a new cake.Improve upon that basic recipe and move the hell on.

You’re no longer needed here. You’re being pushed away from here so let yourself be pushed towards something greater.Something that deserves your undivided attention.

Whats happened has happened.You cannot change it.It is out of your control so stop giving this all your energy when better things out there are entitled to it.

You’re being stupid.

Go live the rest of your life already for gods sake.

Remember to just forgive and forget.

Forgive yourself, and forget it ever happened.

Unless you would prefer clinging onto something so corrosive.

Stage 9: Catharsis

” the act or process of releasing a strong emotion (such as pity or fear) especially by expressing it in an art form”

This is undoubtedly my favorite word.As defined above, it is basically the purgation of oneself. Imagine that- the complete renewal, a fresh start, a new ending to an old beginning; However you wish to put it, i personally believe this is one of the most beautiful words in the language as it promises hope.This word is a beacon of absolute desire.

It is a metaphor, originally used by Aristotle in the Poetics, comparing the effects of tragedy on the mind of  a spectator to the effect of a cathartic  on the body. ( Yes, i conduct my research on wiki ).

My writing recently I’ve realised, is cathartic. My posts possibly paint an image of a pissed off teen who wants to see the entire world rot before her eyes.Okay lets be honest, that is exactly what is illustrated through my writing but let me clarify that i am anything but.I actually haven’t ever had to be self-reliant for my happiness but through writing, I have managed to accomplish just this.Through jotting down every little thought that pops into my mind, I have found a safe and productive way to release all my emotions; By materialising my problems and feelings into the form of harmless words it is impossible, all of a sudden, to perceive them as scary or frustrating anymore.

Writing helps me to delve into the vast pool of suffering, joy and mystery my mind contains

I have become a dark and hollow vessel that pours out her feelings onto this blank space.My thoughts are captured as soon as they are released and this has made me a much stronger person as I have become inured to my reality.

I urge you to write down whatever it is you feel… especially if you’re anything like myself -not good with or don’t like to share your feelings with other … strangers.Writing enables you to review whatever it is you are feeling and this helps you become accustomed to your being.Writing enables one to recognise themselves as an individual and gives them the power to have total control over what they feel.

It all begins and ends in your mind.


We All Scream

Elan Mudrow

Photo by Kelly Neil Photo by Kelly Neil

Sherbet is a tart

Rocky Road has had it rough

But, still can please.

What a fucking snob

Is lemon chiffon,

I bet a good milkshake

Would make her think twice.

Banana coconut is

Kind of kinky.

Chocolate knows it has soul

But, Nutty Chocolate

Is a crazy ass motherfucker.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Is such a nerd.

Blueberry Shortcake

Fell short of making the cake.

Vanilla is dull

Always stuck in front

Of the television with a bowl

And no syrup!

Now, French Vanilla

That’s so ooh La La.

Cookies n’ Cream

Is a nasty pervert.

Butter Almond’s gotta

Little extra something

In the caboose.

Would you look

At the buns on that

Cinnamon Swirl?!!?!!

Egg nog thinks he’s

So damn smart

What a fucking custard!!

Peach Cobbler wears

Fruity shoes and

Dances like a melon.

Rum raison is a drunk.

Blackberry Crumble

Always loses it

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So lets kill ourselves

Its funny how everything you live for can be destroyed by one word, one act of defiance, one misinterpretation.We put our absolute trust in something known to be so easily hindered.Easily the most unintelligent choice we ever make; I mean would you hang down the side of a cliff with a thread on the verge of its breaking point?No.                                     Are we all suicidal?No.

Then why do we take the plunge into self-destruction,

Why do we hand people a gun and a bullet and make ourselves the target,

Why do we do things that we know will kill us,

This ones beyond me


more like the above )

Stage 8: Mornings are the worst


Because this is the time of the day your guard is down… you’ve spent too much time alone, with your masochistic mind and  your emotions are raw, extremely susceptible and true.This is the time of the day your feelings take advantage of your vulnerability and wreak havoc on your unsuspecting soul.

The bright sunlight infiltrates your safe haven and awakens the dark monsters that lurk inside of you.They work together to break you down and this is the defining moment of your 24 hours- it is the foundation stone for the rest of your day.This is the moment where your inner being is unleashed and struggles to take over the disguise you proudly show off.

If you’re someone who wakes up happy consider yourself to be extremely lucky.              If you’re someone who wakes up sad, hang in there and crave the moment your mind treats you to eunoia .                                                                                                                          However if you’re someone who wakes up feeling nothing at all, consider yourself to be a liar.

My posts have been pretty dark lately but this is because i am truly comfortable writing like this.My thoughts have always been quite unorthodox but this might be the first time i truly express them as now i can hide behind a computer screen and not be afraid of being judged and also not care really. woohoo!!

It worries me sometimes that i’m so content with my dissatisfaction, to the point where i might choose to stay in this state as i love the way i think now. Its oddly motivating and for the first time in my life i’ve made myself my top priority and cared about the right people (s/o to harry and albus, who don’t expect me to change and don’t involuntarily change me either- Thank you for bearing with my ‘dark side’ that i’ve grown to love guys)


I took this a while ago and i think it perfectly justifies my post

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