Stage 16: Manipulate me. I dare you

Some people have been hurt so much in their lives, that they turn into emotionless robots.Computers incapable of feeling. After a lifetime of being hurt, misunderstood and neglected, they put up a force-field around themselves that destroys anyone that attempts to test it; and it’s not their fault that you’ve been dismantled… oh no, its your’s for caring too much for a person that ‘never asked for it’.

If you at any point in your life were in a similar situation and firmly believed that you were the one at fault, congratulations my naive reader for you have been the victim of a senseless game. An emotional one created by a person with too much free time and too much hatred for the world.Their weapons were aimed at no-one in specific but, you unfortunately, ended up in the crossfire. And all for what? For having too strong of a desire to fix dead people.

There are different types of people in this world.There are those who love, those who are loved and then there are the evaders.Notice how even the word itself doesn’t fit in anywhere?  These type of people are constantly running, they constantly try to avoid confrontation, constantly doubt everyone close to them and more often than not, are completely alone. But the most obvious feature that marks an ‘evader’ is their mastery of the art of manipulation (in simpler terms, dick-iness ).

Evaders might look good on the surface- Charmers, Intelligent, High-powered and bold.However, Inside they are empty and carry nothing else but that evil with them, Vectors of manipulation if you’d like.

So what do you with these emotionally handicapped people? You leave them. It’s easier than them unraveling, contorting  and ultimately eradicating your very soul.

It’s easier than them leaving you.




















its a constant pity party with them. dont ever go to this party. it leaves you hungover with regret .


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