Stage 14: An absence

Missing someone is hard. Especially when it isnt a person you can succesfuly  associate a face or name with; when its a person you dont know… all you do know is that theyre missing. Missing from your life.

Their absence beats at the door of your heart with a certain vigour, almost mocking your illusory loneliness.

And this dearth hits like a wasp sting – quick, sharp and sore, after the initial excruciating pain.

And all youre left with is an overwhelming curiosity.Millions of questions flooding your mind, gushing relentlessly, wailing to be answered.Why do i want this person? Why do i need them? Where can i find them? Will i ever find them? Is my mind playing tricks on me? Who exactly are they? Is this someone i already know? Am i creating false emotions?

Its not pain that renders you dysfunctional. Its a pain that gnaws obssesively, almost numbingly at your very core, thrashing and battering your soul.




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