Stage 7 3/4 : Progress


I was just sitting around aimlessly procrastinating after posting Stage 7: Just hold on , when my phone lights up.I ignored it at first then came to the realisation that this strange soft blue light wasn’t a Snapchat , Instagram or Whatsapp notification. I lazily reached out for my phone, pulled down my notif banner and BAM. Yes, and it wasnt a bad BAM either.It was a good BAM, like the one you feel if Beyonce suddenly drops a new album out of nowhere. I GOT MY FIRST LIKE ON A POST; a stranger approved of what i had to say, enough to bother hitting thumbs up.Honestly, this form of recognition was the best thing that had happened to me since foreverrrrrrr.( I realise this is pretty sad but oh weeeeeyyyllllll)

I instantly sent out a broadcast to the 7 people that are forced to read my blog as it is the joyful bonus that comes with being my close friend :))))))).

So anyways, as i was capitalising everything on chat to show everyone how excited i was, a familiar notification beeped. I GOT MY SECOND LIKE TOO. damn.

I then messaged everyone again telling them that i am now famous and that they had all been very good support but unfortunately i shall no longer have time for them anymore as my fans needed me.

It seems like just last week where i promised myself that i would post more often in hopes of attaining avid readers and therefore improving my college application.OH wait. It was.Hehehhehe. Gosh i’m so happy right now and this is probably the most pathetic post i will ever make but goshhhh, being recognised when you are at your worst- uninspired and with writer’s block is just the best dose of GET YOUR BUTT TO WORK you can ever receive.

So thank you to those two people that actually stayed on my blog after opening the monotonous home page and reading a post and then furthermore going through the trouble of liking it.The likes actually mean much more to me than what they are.

Thank you for enjoying reading about my pathetic little life :’).



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