Stage 6 1/2: Regret

This is a congratulation post to myself. For validating the doubt i had; the fact that i always leave things half done… or in this case barely begun.I wanted to post at least once a week and that soon turned into the more realistic option of posting once a month.

But now that i sit here before my computer, opening this abandoned blog after 7 months, i’m as motivated as ever!

(that was sarcasm)

Maybe what dispirited me was the realization that more than half the people that open my blog leave directly from the homepage.Maybe it was the fact that i was a lazy procrastinator with a bad memory (sorry for abandoning you my 3 readers).OR MAYBE I SHOULD STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING I SET MY HEART TO FOR ONCE. Yes that’s right i think with my heart rather than my brain, and personally, in recent situations as much as people assure me otherwise, i think it is my biggest flaw.

This blog is now for me and only me.It will be my weapon against the harsh college application achievements section.Maybe in one years time i might have avid readers who don’t personally know me.This might just become a thing.

Lets do this


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