Stage 3 : Summer 

so. Done with my exams and obviously didn’t have the time or decency to post throughout the duration of it. But hey now it’s summer and I’m sitting here waiting for something extraordinary to happen. (Spoiler it never does). I’ve been anticipating this moment since I started the school year, and now that’s it’s here. Ugh. There is nothing to do. I don’t feel like going out with my friends or showing up at parties, but when I’m sitting there curled up in my blanket like a burrito binge-watching anything and everything that comes to mind, I regret not going out. I miss the presence of people yet I cherish it. It’s all very confusing. 

Oh well Maroon five came out with a new song recently. Or should I say Adam Levine cause like …. Anyways here’s the link and I think it describes my situation in a nutshell

EXCLAIMER if you are under the age of 13 that video might just be your sexual awakening 


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