Stage 2: Exams

So it’s that time of the year again ;When textbooks are actually opened and the BBC bite size games become a way of life. 

In just over a month I will be giving my tenth grade IGSCE exams. The teachers tell us that next year is way more important and C’s and D’s are very normal to achieve and expected. Yea explain that to my parents please. 

While in school I’m being told not to worry, at home I’m doing nothing but. Of Course my ability to unrelentlessly   procrastinate is helping me to relax and not stress but I just know when I’m a week away from doomsday I’m going to panic. I’ll study for 6 hours straight , go to my tuitions religiously and not touch my phone (or this blog ). This was just a warning post if anyone actually does read this. 

I should probably hit the books now but somehow I always end up staring up at the motivational poster on the wall, thinking about what to say when I win my first Nobel prize.  :(How do you guys study?) 


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