Stage 1:Julie and Julia

I watched a movie  yesterday after conveniently coming down with the flu before my tuition’s class.

This movie has officially been put into my top 10 list contending with the likes of  ‘The Help’,’The Breakfast Club (I know I know how cliche) and of course ‘Shark Tale’.

If you haven’t already seen this biopic i have taken the liberty of breaking it down for you.

The movie reveals the true life story of two female protagonists, Julia Child who was a very famous cook and Julie Powell a young writer based in New York.It switches between these two very different individuals, Showing the viewers how Julia Child’s famous cookbook came to life and how the blogger Julie successfully made all of the 524 recipes in this cookbook in a span of one year.

This movie spoke to me as Julie was being bashed by everyone around her because apparently she had never finished anything (worthwhile) in her life either.One would think this would be some sort of inspiration for me but yea no. I just liked the movie a lot.It was pretty well directed 🙂

I know this was a very short post and overdue but I’m sort of tied down with the amount of homework I’ve been given so ciaooo x


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