Stage 0 : Limbo

You know those moments you get an inexplicable, uncontrollable, indefinable urge to do something? Well this is just another one of those moments. I write in this blog to express what i cannot in real life.I write in this blog to channel my emotions.I write in this blog to secure my future and archive my past. I write in this blog because i can. I plan to write about everything i encounter during a week. Be it social events ,personal tragedies,religious opinions or delicious recipes. I have written many blogs in the past.When I was 12 years of age i started a blog revolving around a story i had written on ‘Suicide’. When i turned 13 I dedicated a blog to my favorite band, which i shut down at the age of 14.All these short lived moments of mine made me realize one thing. I get bored extremely easily and my attention span is that of a kid intoxicated with candy. You may question as to why i am feeding you with all this random information but the answer to that is one which i myself do not have. This is just the introduction and as unorganized as it may be ( My English teacher will not be happy) I am quite content with its content.

So this is where i begin.Writing weekly for strangers who could not care less.


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